Our Message

Our company originated in White Plains, NY then moved to Brooklyn in the early 1900’s. Locally we are known as Eddie’s Pickles, named after Eddie who ran the business from 1956, and moved the headquarters from Brooklyn to Maspeth, Queens. Eddie’s wife, Agnes was active in the company’s operations until 2020, carrying the tradition well into her 90’s.

We continue to traditionally barrel brine, just as we did over 132 years ago. Continuing this legacy requires the use of only the highest quality ingredients and no shortcuts to make an extraordinary product. Our goal is to continue serving the best natural product to our community.

We are committed to taste, quality, tradition and above all, your health. Our sour Pickles and sauerkraut are naturally fermented and full of immune boosting probiotics, vitamins and electrolytes and are made the way nature intended.

The proof is in the pickle... one bite and you'll know!