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Our Sour Pickle

This is the star of the show, the real taste of NYC. This is what the NYC pickle is all about: full sour flavor, real garlic and the finest of spices. It will take you back to when food was pure and flavorful. The brine and pickles are full of probiotics because they are naturally fermented the old-fashioned way. No shortcuts, no vinegar, Just nature. How did you live this long without tasting a real sour? Don’t forget to drink that Brine!

Spicy Pickle

All the taste of NYC with a hot kick. Try it in a sandwich or just straight out of the jar.

Mustard Pickle

Combines NY Flavor with an extra blend of mustard seeds and spices.

Horseradish Pickle

Tangy with that undeniable horseradish kick.

Bread & Butter Pickle Chips

Sweet, sour and tangy. Also available as spicy for all those that love some heat.

Half Sour Pickle

Early stages of fermentation, not a cucumber but not quite a sour. A definite bubbly zip that many people crave.

New Pickle

What a cucumber wishes it tasted like. Subtle notes of garlic, spices, salt, unbelievable crunch and above all, unbelievable delicious and refreshing.

Kosher Dill

A blend of fresh dill, spices, garlic and a splash of vinegar. If you like Kosher Dill Pickles you will love Eddie’s.

Sour Green Tomatoes

A complex sour delight, with notes of kimchee, garlic and tang. This is an almost forgotten delicacy, once you taste them you will love Eddie’s original recipe.

Fermented Beets

The health kick is on…. sweet, sour and rich in probiotic superfood, just don’t get any on your shirt!


Real Barrel Cured Kraut, bright, golden probiotic perfection. Available with carrots too.

Sauerkraut Slaw

A tangy and slightly sweet twist on a classic side.

Red Beet Horseradish

Finely Ground Horseradish Root with sweet beets, gives you an eyepopping red condiment that enhances any dish. The flavor… Super Sweet and Horseradish HOT.

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